ROSCO 3-Head LitePad Vector CCT Location Kit

ROSCO 3-Head LitePad Vector CCT Location Kit


  • $ 3,750.00


No matter if they're lighting corporate interviews, documentaries or reporters on the scene, shooters need the ability to quickly and professionally setup their lighting when they arrive at their location. The LitePad Vector Location Lighting Kit is designed to roll onto set and provide everything needed to establish a three-point lighting setup - anywhere you need it. The kit contains three LitePad Vector CCT fixtures and three light stands in a rolling, hard-exterior, carrying case, which has empty slots inside for additional LitePad Vector accessories such as Cheeseplate Battery Holders. The sleek LitePad Vector Location Lighting Kit allows shooters to professionally wheel their lighting on set for a quick and efficient lighting setup on location.

What's In The Kit:
(2) LitePad Vector LED fixtures with yokes and 100-240VAC power supplies
(1) Pro-grade LitePad Vector Backpack Part Number: 292000808400
(2) 5/8" (16mm) Light Stand Receivers Part Number: 515910260001
(2) LitePad Vector Rain Covers Part Number: 292000808300
(2) LitePad Carabiner Bottle Holders Part Number: 292000808500

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