PORTA BRACE CC-325-P Quick Draw Camera Case

PORTA BRACE CC-325-P Quick Draw Camera Case

Porta Brace

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This item is discontinued and is being offered at a one time special price.  Once it's sold, we cannot reorder.

Product Description

The Porta-Brace QUICK-DRAW Camera Case is designed for working out of a van or car trunk. The top loading case has a wide-open fold back top that stays neatly out of the way. It's much lighter and more compact than shipping cases, thus saving valuable storage space. FEATURES INCLUDE: Heavy-duty shoulder strap and comfortable leather hand grip. Crush proof aluminum guard protects viewfinder. Secures in back seat, fastened securely with seat belt. Holds camera with on-board battery attached. Lid closes with Velcro for quick opening or secured with full-length zippers. Dual-purpose rear pouch expands the main compartment 3" or it can be an all-purpose pocket.


  • Canon XL-1
  • JVC GY-DV500, DV550, DV600, DV700 w/ 7 1/2" lens and one NP-1 battery only
  • Panasonic AG-456, 455, 460
  • Sony DSR-200, DCR-VX9000E

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