GOPRO Wi-Fi BacPac

GOPRO Wi-Fi BacPac


  • $ 59.99


Wi-Fi enable your GoPro camera (original HD HERO and HD HERO2) with the Wi-Fi BacPac.

The Wi-Fi BacPac attaches to your GoPro camera, enabling:

Long range remote control via the Wi-Fi Remote (optional accessory, not included)

Live video remote control, preview and playback when using the GoPro App via your smartphone or tablet

Wi-Fi transfer* of your favorite videos and photos from your GoPro to your Smartphone or Tablet for sharing with friends

Live streaming video or photos + video sharing directly to the web from your GoPro, wherever you have a network connection*

Use your Smartphone as a hotspot to live stream video and share photos + videos to the web* What"™s Included

Wi-Fi BacPac (with built-in Li-ion Battery)

Waterproof Backdoor

Non-waterproof Backdoor

12″ USB Charging Cable


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