DINKUM SYSTEMS Cantilever Clamp

Dinkum Systems

  • $ 44.95


Cantilever clamp top provides 200lbs of clamping pressure for precision adjustment and powerful holds. Especially useful for holding objects for macro photography

You'll find countless on-set uses for this super strong Cantilever Clamp which combines the utility of the Dinkum Systems® length adjustable arm and spring clamp system with the genius of the Cantilever clamp (excluding the COMPACT™ lens shade for DSLRs and small video cameras). Turn your ActionPod® camera mount, FlexiMount™ mic mount or lens shade into a handy clamping device with 200 lbs of clamping pressure and use this Kant-Twist clamp for macro photography, to hold reflectors, foam core, tabletop items, laser pointers and flashlights, or use it to keep cables off the dolly track!  Weight 2.7 oz.

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