CGE TOOLS Industry Mark - L Mark

CGE TOOLS Industry Mark - L Mark

CGE Tools

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Industry Marks™ come in three versions, T's, I's, and L's and are a great innovation in reusable actor, dolly, and camera marks. They are made from 11ga. cold rolled steel, powder coated, then coated with a soft clear heavy duty PVC coating that will not damage delicate floors. They come in many colors and are matched to be used along side paper tape marks without confusion. We even make marks that glow in the dark!

They are low profile and lightweight so you can carry several of them in your tool belt. If you're concerned about these marks being kicked onset don't fret, we've designed them with this in mind. Our Industry Marks™ have a hole in them so you can secure them to the ground with a nail. If you place a piece of hook side Velcro on one side they will stick to most carpets. Also, you can put a piece of ATG tape on the other side they will repeatidly stick to many smooth floor surfaces. With Industry Marks™ in your kit you will be prepared to mark anyone and anything, on any surface, quickly and easily.

The fluorescent colored marks are great for chroma-key coves because they are easily keyed out and do not destroy the painted cove floor. Dolly grips love our Glow-in-the-Dark I marks because they can easily see them on the darkest sets. Industry Marks™ are more useful, durable and lighter than any other re-useable mark on the market. Period.

T and L Industry Marks™ currently come in twelve colors: Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange and Glow-in-the-Dark!

If you're a dolly grip our I marks are perfect for you and they come in eight colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Black, and the very popular Glow-in-the-Dark!

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